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We Can Help
Stop Gun Violence




Ron Molen - Founder


Don Walton


The main purpose of the CAMPAIGN TO SAVE LIVES is to promote solutions to the gun violence epidemic. Nothing proposed violates the Second Amendment right to have a gun in the home for self-defense. Most gun owners agree more enlightened gun regulations are needed because we all have families, we send our kids to the same schools, and we work in the same community. Every citizen has the right to the same level of security as citizens from every other advanced nation.

The scandalous death toll lies at the feet of gun manufactures, gun merchants, and the National Rifle Association who compromise politicians willing to play for pay. They account for less than 3% of the population and force the other 97% to suffer the consequences. They place excessive unfounded gun rights above human life by promoting permissive gun laws and irresponsible gun sales.

The nation has 310,000,000 privately held guns with too few regulations. Our goal is to have gun regulations that indeed save lives and at the same time require only a slight or even no inconvenience to the responsible gun owner. We recommend two gun laws that would go a long way in keeping guns out of dangerous hands, Gun Safety Lock-Up and Universal Background Checks.



Requiring a GUN LOCK UP LAW for all guns when not in use will help keep guns out of the wrong hands.

85% of gun deaths in Utah are suicides and a gun found in the home is most often used. Suicide in Utah is the leading cause of death for 10 to 17 year old males.

Too many accidents occur from unsecured guns.  Responsible gun owners already lock up their guns when not in use.  Everyone should.




Requiring a UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECK for all gun sales will help keep guns out of the wrong hands.

Unlicensed dealers must be forbidden from selling guns at gun shows or on the internet.
70% of Utahans currently favor a Universal Background Check.
Nationally, fully 90% favor it, including 68% of NRA members.





Every day in America, 93 people die from gun violence. Fifty-eight of those deaths, or nearly two-thirds, are suicides with guns. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data shows suicide with a gun is the most common and by far the most deadly suicide method. Just the availability and presence of a gun in the home is a strong predictor of gun suicide.



  • Nationally, over 37,000 die each year from firearms and over 60,000 are wounded.  This public health epidemic does not exist in any other advanced nation.

  • Think about it - over 100 people are killed by guns each day in the USA - one third homicides, two thirds are suicides.

  • Utah, with 3,000,000 people has many more gun deaths than Japan with 120,000,000 people.

  • Only 70% of gun sales are regulated by a background check. 30% are sold by unlicensed dealers, allowing guns into criminal hands, no questions asked.

  • With 310,000,000 guns now in the hands of Americans, well-crafted gun regulations are imperative.

  • The US has benefited from the strictest traffic regulations in the world yet suffers the effects of the most lax gun regulations.  Enlightened regulation saves lives

  • Women especially should benefit from gun regulations. Domestic abusers commit 42% of Utah's homicides. The national average is 30%

How to find your Utah State Representative

Campaign To Save Lives Gun Reform Bills
2019 Utah Legislative Session


1.  Universal Background Check- All gun sales are required to go through a federally licensed gun dealer.  Included is a shutdown of the gun show loophole namely: internet, gun show, and pawnshop sales that do not go through a licensed dealer.  This bill should help keep guns out of the hands of irresponsible gun buyers (felons, rapists, psychopaths, people with a police record).


2.  Safe Storage of Firearms Bill.  All guns must be fully secured in the owners absence (trigger locks, gun safes).  The gun owner is fully responsible for the use of their gun.   This bill addresses all guns and gun owners.  This bill will be effective in reducing teen suicide.


3.  Firearms, Violence, and Suicide Prevention.  This bill would encourage all gun owners to lock their guns and gun dealers would be required to provide trigger lock coupons or gun safes with the sale of a hunting rifle or shot gun, also included is a substance abuse and suicide prevention brochure.


4.  Lauren's Law would make gun owner's liable for lending their gun for the use of a third party.  This law is named after the University of Utah student murdered in October 2018 by the user of a borrowed gun.


5.  Extreme Risk Protective Order (Red Flag Bill).  This would give the police the right to remove a gun from a person legally proven to be a danger to themselves, others or both.


6.  Bump Stock Ban- This would make it a felony for anyone to possess a bump stock that transforms an automatic weapon into a Machine Gun.


7.  Resolution to Repeal the Dickey Act- This refers to the action of the Federal Government:  it would give the Centers for Disease Control the right to study the causes of the gun violence epidemic.


8.  Establishing a "No Open Carry Rule" within 1000 feet of all schools.


9.  Bureau of Criminal ID Reporting Amendments- This would require government agencies to report the names of all individuals deemed potentially dangerous.


***Contact your State Senator and Representative either by phone of e-mail and let them know how you feel about these bills.  They all have merit and all citizens would benefit from their passage. 

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