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Inland Port Transfers

About the Utah Inland Port Authority

The Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) is a state corporation directed to maximize the long-term economic and other benefits of a robust logistics system while still maintaining a high quality of life. We are a forward-thinking agency aiming to channel logistics in a way that benefits all of Utah by ensuring a safe, smart, and sustainable system statewide.

By creating the UIPA, Utah has opened the way to become the Crossroads of the World, allowing the state to not only benefit from, but to help influence and be a leader in the global economy. The Port Authority enables Utah to bring the largest economic opportunities in the history of this state, without compromising our values, environment, and lifestyle. Having one Authority looking at the entire logistics system provides stewardship, prosperity, equity, and opportunity statewide.

Generational planning has long been the legacy of Utah leaders. We take on that mantle to insert the values of the public into the development process and safeguard the economic and community well-being for future Utahns.

An inland port development in Utah has been the subject of studies and countless discussions in and around the Salt Lake City area for more than 40 years. In 2018, a renewed interest spurred the state legislature to create the Utah Inland Port Authority to support the production and movement of goods in and out of Utah.

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