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The proposed Utah Inland Port raises many issues of concern. Once again, the Utah Legislature is not paying attention to public sentiment and once the container has been opened, there's no going back down the track.

              Get Informed! 

What's Really in the Box?



When a murderer is convicted and goes to jail, is justice really served? 

Lurking in the shadows are three more accomplices who are just as guilty. 

Center for Gun Control



The nation now has two governments: a representative democracy of, by, and for the people, and Koch's libertarian syndicate that controls virtually all red state legislatures, Utah's included.

Enemies of Democracy



A "WE" Nation works together to achieve a successful democracy. An "I" nation portrays a "Me First" mentality which does not work toward the good of country. What Kind of a Nation do we want to be?

What Kind of Nation are We?



In Utah, Gerrymandering means establishing voting districts that strongly favor Republican candidates which crushes the chances of success for the Democratic candidates.




The United States and Utah are representative democracies.   Citizens choose an agent to represent them who is either a senator or a representative. That's the way is is supposed to work. 

Representative Democracy



Does the Republican Party really support your beliefs about the climate, gun control, education, clean air vs. more pollution?

    Think About It!!

Utah Policies



Our  form of government is a Representative Democracy where we elect individuals to represent us and our interests in the legislature. 

When our representatives reflect the will of the majority - we receive beneficial legislation. 

Taxation w/o Representation

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